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So that your brand becomes irresistibly memorable and oozes personality. 

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Transform your ideas with personality-driven copy that captivates your clients, forges personal connections, and inspires them to take action.

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I love you so much and I THANK YOUUUUU for everything you did for me and my website. You saved my life!

Kat, Walla Walla Creative


Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography

hi, friend!

It's meeee, Jenn.

Founder + CEO of JOUHCO™

fueled by coffee, dancing, + the fluff club

I believe the impossible is possible with the right mentality, out-of-the-box thinking, and a splash of nitro cold brew 😉 

My sole mission is impact and being a catalyst for change. You deserve have the confidence to be authentically as you are and have your story be heard! I’m here to kick your biz up several notches. Coming in hottttt with personality-driven copy that hits different.


We absolutely LOVE your copy! Thank you! It’s what we’ve been missing.

The Atlas Group

Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography
Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography


Website Copy Outline Template

for the diyers

Let’s get your website out bc people need to find out about you, stat. Snag this website copy outline template to guide your DIY adventures so you can publish the damn thing.

Resources & Favorites

The go-to tools

I’m passionate about your success, so I’m spilling all the go-to tools that I adore and use personally. 

JOUHCO flatlay - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography

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Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography
Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO - Branding Photo by Ruby Olivia Photography

she's a lil shy...

Your Blog BFF

spilling the deets

Catch her spilling all the juicy info on copy, biz growth, tips and tricks, and some interesting tidbits about moi.


Hannah Bayles

Jenn is worth every single penny!

A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Delegating copywriting to an expert has given me the time to focus on the stuff only I can do. I’m happier, less overwhelmed, and my copy is amazing! I loved how everything was laid out from the beginning and didn’t expect how much research she did! Mind blown. I will be using Jenn again and again!

hannah bayles

Brandi Mebane

Jenn is the perfect no-nonsense copywriter!

Jenn’s attention to detail and process is so efficient from beginning to end. Working with her on my website copy has set me up for a very easy transition to designing my website. I love knowing that everything has been professionally prepared and well thought out. I can take bits and pieces of copy to prepare for proposals and bios. Ultimately, I feel like I’m truly putting my best foot forward. Jenn is efficient, quick, super friendly, and a pleasure to work with!

brandi mebane

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Website Copy Outline Doc

You’re sipping your favorite drink, walking your pup to his go-to doggie park, + email notifications for lead inquiries are rolling in — all bc your website is finally up!

My website copy outline template will give you the skeletons of a website framework so you can publish the damn thing!