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This post is part of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – Alexandra Myllaeri’s Story

Alexandra Myllaeri is a powerhouse Online Business Manager (OBM) based in Switzerland. She’s extremely passionate about providing intentional clarity + structure to 6 & 7-figure female entrepreneurs. As an OBM, she operates as a strategic partner + integral part of your business to ensure things run smoothly so you can continue to scale stress-free.

Alexa came to me and booked a Double Shot Over Ice VIP Day to completely revamp her overall brand and position herself as the go-to OBM you never knew you needed. Together, we worked on up-leveling her Brand Messaging to be authoritative + powerful. Doing so, allowed us to craft elevated Website Copy that spoke to her ideal client, captured her no BS approach, + emphasized her expertise.

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Brand Messaging + Website Copy

This project was SO exciting because Alexa was undergoing an entire rebranding. She decided to get a brand new website design + wanted strong, captivating copy to match.

Since the goal was to completely elevate Alexa’s brand to match the new vibes + direction she wanted, we redefined her USP (y’all know just how important this is). After that, the next part was tackling the top 5 elements of a home page to display above the fold (you know the drill).

The results? Take a look for yourselves!

*brb fan-girling*

Repositioning Alexa as the go-to OBM

A huge part of positioning is selling the promise. Oof, before we jump into it, let’s address the elephant in the room. I bet you *cringed* when I said “sell”, right? I wouldn’t be surprised because we’re all (unfortunately) programmed to believe that sales is sleazy + scammy + icky. It totally can be, esp when unethical tactics of manipulation come into play—BUT, we’re not about that. Sales can be sexy + what turns a lead into a prospect, and eventually a happy AF customer.

So, the crucial part of this is the storytelling + that’s where I come in 🙂 WHY is Alexa the go-to OBM? What makes her the person you should trust when it comes to the ins and outs of your biz?

It’s imperative that you nail down your brand messaging so that you not only provide a cohesive story, but you captivate + speak to someone’s soul in a way that paints you + your offering as a NEED.

Alexa’s background in project management, business strategy, and technology is critical to applying intentional structure + advice in her role as OBM of your brand. Hiring her gives you access to her experience and extends her knowledge into your framework. Hiring her melts away your overwhelm + cuts away the burnout. Hiring her allows you to focus your eyes back on the prize: scaling your business without worrying about the little things because she has it down on lock.

JOUHCO - Alexandra Myllaeri - About Page - Hero Section

Expanding on impact

Once we set the foundations of who Alexa is, why she’s qualified, and why you need her—it’s time to get to the magic = HOW. Expanding on Alexa’s impact by how she can help + how she can serve you is key.

Alexa’s three main service offerings are online business management, course creation, and strategy sessions. On her services page, we really expand on the details of each offer by painting a picture of how life would be with her in it + in your biz. Remember, you need to always address WIIFM.

JOUHCO - Alexandra Myllaeri - Services Except

The Results

An empowering + uplifting website that not only redefines Alexa’s brand voice + messaging, but positions her as a strategic partner + biz need for you badass female CEOs out there.

Be sure to check out her site! If you’re looking to ditch some of that overwhelm + it aligns with your needs, connect with her 🙂

Interested in making waves and connecting with your dream clients?
Inquire to Copy Like It’s Hot here!

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