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This post is part of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – Angelic Skin’s Story

Angelic Skin is a corrective skincare medspa based Sugar Land, Texas. Founded by Angelica Meals in 2016, Angelic Skin is the go-to spot to receive high-end, effective solutions that are catered to your specific skincare needs.

The team is equipped with highly skilled estheticians that go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, welcomed, and taken care of.

I absolutely ADORE Angelica. She is literally the sweetest human! Not only is she truly committed to providing results, but she is dedicated to forming genuine relationships with her clients. She is so knowledgeable and shares what she knows to offer the best experience. She started Angelic Skin to help clients feel empowered and beautiful in their skin. and offering anything she knows to ensure the absolute best experience.

I teamed up with Janelle of Cold Tea Creative to do a full rebrand in honor and celebration of 5 years in business (branding + web – Janelle, website copy – yours truly).

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Website Copy

Working with clients that are impact-driven is coffee for my soul! ☕️ It truly fills me up with SO much joy to partner with incredible individuals that make a difference.

Elevating Angelic Skin’s messaging to fully embody their vision of helping clients achieve their skin goals and feel empowered in their skin warms my heart. They provide customized skincare because every single person is unique, so a one-size-fits-all solution is NOT an answer.

They are invested in providing the best care, treatment, and service. Truly. And it shows! Every Angel that leaves Angelic Skin walks away confident, radiant, and GLOWING.

Taking Angelica’s passion, my storytelling, and Janelle’s strategic design—we’ve created a masterpiece.

Angelic Skin - Home Excerpt

Telling Angelica’s Story

Telling one’s story is the most powerful thing you can do for your business.

Angelica founded Angelic Skin because she suffered from acne for a huge chunk of her life. She knows exactly how it feels to have it impact her confidence, her feelings, and her life. Because of this, she built this business under the root passion of her heart. In an effort to find what works for everyone’s individual skin needs and finding effective solutions that WORK.

Her superpower is her generosity. She’s always giving and that sets her apart from anyone else out there. The team that she’s built at Angelic Skin are well versed in skincare, but also have a true passion in providing results that will change your life and allow you to love the skin you’re in.

Angelic Skin - About Excerpt

Angelic Skin’s Offerings

Angelic Skin provides a huge variety of services and treatments (and this continues to grow as they do). Whatever your concerns are, they are results-driven and always ensure that you receive a customized journey that will empower you.

There’s a reason why their Angels are long-term loyal customers… they know they’re stuff AND who doesn’t love glowing skin?!

I encourage you to dive deeper into their treatment options and give them a visit if you’re ever in the area (I know I have it on my own list whenever I head over to explore Houston)!

Angelic Skin - Services Excerpt

The Results

How stunning is the website?! I mean seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw it live for the first time. Truly a vision that completely embodies everything Angelic Skin is about.

Full Deets: Branding + Web Design by Janelle of Cold Tea Creative and personality-driven copy by moi.

Check out the site here.

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