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This post is part of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – Ariel Carr’s Story

If you don’t already know Ariel, you’re missing out on an absolute powerhouse!

Ariel was previously a NYC artist manager, landing her clients on BET Jams, REVOLT TV, XXL, Fader, and more! Through this journey, she discovered a new calling and went with that full force in April 2020. Launching her Instagram and zeroing in on a strategy, she made $100k in 90 days! Ever since then, she has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs and hustlers find success on Instagram and monetize the heck out of the platform!

As social media changes, so do the strategies! Ariel wanted to launch a community and program that combined her expertise, support, and accountability to give individuals the latest money-making frameworks to accelerate their success! Working on her Sales Page was a blast because this program is going to impact SO many people!!

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Sales Page

We all know how incredibly amazing Instagram can be for businesses to gain exposure, connect with their ideal clients, and just build community. Ariel found success in monetizing Instagram to scale to six figures without a website, ads, or an email list. That, in and of itself, is a HUGE win to celebrate. And so she decided to use her knowledge and share it with the world! We all love a Queen who holds nothing back!!

In this new digital economy, the world is craving connection and building a strong AF brand. This is something that does not come easy to people, especially since there is no rule book or guide to do it. Ariel takes the overwhelm, confusion, and fear of learning how to navigate Instagram successfully and throws it out the window!

If you’re fed up of feeling stuck and ready to work smarter, not harder—THIS is what you need!

Ariel Carr - SociallyPaid Sales Page - Hero


Y’all know that I’m all about the impact, so seeing Ariel’s passion behind the scenes in creating a space where badass entrepreneurs and hustlers can support each other, build their network, and work toward the same goals is a beautiful thing. #SociallyPaid™️ has TWO parts: The Program and The Community.

The Program is an 8-week course that deep dives into Ariel’s proven strategies and frameworks. You’ll get all the tips, tricks, and secrets to mastering a cult-following, building a strong personal brand, and converting your Instagram into a money-making machine. You’ll get access to her and her team LIVE on weekly group calls to ensure that you feel confident and all burning questions are covered.

The Community is a monthly membership where you find your tribe (aka network of other badass entrepreneurs and hustlers) so you can grow and scale together! There will be incredible monthly workshops, trainings, guest experts, templates, and resources for you to become the dough-getter you’re meant to be!

Ariel Carr - SociallyPaid Sales Page - Program and Community

The Results

I don’t want to give away TOO many details, but I highly encourage you to check out #SociallyPaid if you want Instagram to become a money-magnet! The Program is only open every 2 months, so if you miss this opportunity to join the first cohort, you’ll have to wait until the next 🙂 The beauty of The Community is that you can join anytime and still get amazing results!

Shoutout to Aurelia Lane for designing this kickass sales page!

If you’re curious about how to make serious money moves, check out #SociallyPaid now! 🤍

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