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This post is the first of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – Nhi Thai Photography’s Story

Nhi Thai, a State College portrait photographer from Nhi Thai Photography, reached out to me and I was thrilled to take on her copy project!

She originally found me through the Asian Creative Network Facebook group (I love meeting fellow creatives) and took advantage of my free copy assessment. After assessing her About page, she hired me to work on her Website Landing Page Copy and Brand Messaging.

Nhi is extremely passionate about capturing the pure joy, love, and affection of her clients through an artisan viewpoint. Her background as a Penn State professor and loving mom shines through the impactful experience that she delivers to her clients.

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Brand Messaging and Personality

Currently, Nhi’s photography service caters to wedding and portrait clients. As a mom and developmental psychologist, her passion lies in working with children and capturing the loving bond of families. Her goal was to pivot away from weddings and channel all her energy and positive impact into family portrait photography.

She wanted to spruce up her existing landing page with more compelling copy that connects with her ideal clients and inspires them to book a session with her. A page that did the heavy lifting to convey her story, the value in her work, and how unique the experience would be.

Nhi Thai Photography Family Portraits Landing Page - Introduction

Identifying Her Ideal Client

This is where the magic began!

We spent time strategizing ways to craft copy that spoke to Nhi’s personality. Using her background, we showcased how she can inspire and deeply connect with her ideal client in an impactful way.

Who is her ideal client? A frazzled, messy bun, yoga-pants-wearing mom who’s always on go. She’s constantly trying to balance tidying the house, nurturing her kids, and maintaining her job. She’s proud of her accomplishments and loves the life she’s leading. But, she often misses opportunities to capture sweet moments and be present.

The new copy speaks directly to this client, addressing her pain points through storytelling.

Nhi Thai Photography Family Portraits Landing Page - Map

Expanding On Impact

Nhi’s original page spoke to photography, session films, and blog posts that highlighted family portrait experiences. To keep the experience centralized, we segmented these offerings to different pages. This allows for a more cohesive journey to learn about her services and gives clients a chance to engage. As a result, they can choose what interests them most.

Nhi Thai Photography Family Portraits Landing Page - The Portrait Experience

Nhi’s passion and thoughtfulness is weaved into everything she does. She goes the extra mile to ensure families receive the perfect experience. To highlight these benefits, we laid out the process. This way, clients know what to expect and sees that Nhi is there for them every step of the way.

Nhi Thai Photography Family Portraits Landing Page - Investment

Nhi supports the legacies of others, which sets her apart from other portrait photographers.

She established a scholarship that empowers more girls to become change-makers of the world. Every portrait session contributes a significant portion to this fund.

Together, with her clients, she delivers a magical and impactful experience in a multitude of ways.

The Results

A kick-ass landing page that hones in on Nhi’s brand messaging and resonates with her ideal client.

What happened next?

I busted out some crazy dance moves and made a new friend. I can’t wait for the world to see her new page and experience magic!

This is why I love personality-infused copy. We live in a connection economy… that means connection inspires action.

Interested in making waves and connecting with your dream clients?
Inquire to Copy Like It’s Hot here!

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