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This post is part of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – The Atlas Group’s Story

The Atlas Group (TAG) is a 100% female-founded and WBENC-certified business. Established by two sisters, Adrienne + Loreen, TAG is a recruiting agency. They’re extremely passionate and committed to empowering women, non-binary, trans, and underrepresented professionals in tech.

Loreen originally found me via the Ladies Get Paid slack channel. She hired me to work on revamping 4 pages of Website Copy. We zeroed in on Brand Messaging to make sure that we address their 2 client personas (job seekers + employers). Additionally, we focused on positioning TAG as the leading agency for diverse women and underrepresented professionals in tech.

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Brand Messaging + Website Copy

I always mention the importance of communicating the top 5 elements of a home page. Making sure these are visible above the fold is a MUST!

Loreen + Adrienne are recruiters with over 22 years of experience in the healthcare and technology spaces. It was important to showcase TAG’s expertise while also clearly communicating their mission and solution for their ideal clients. A strong headline and clear CTA helped do this, along with a more concise about section, highlighting their values.

Identifying TAG’s Ideal Clients

The most crucial part of TAG’s website copy was nailing down how to address 2 ideal clients: job seekers + employers.

Given their business, we needed to address both client personas on their home page. This, of course, led to expanded experience pages catered to each.

A huge part of what TAG does is built on its community and resources for women and underrepresented groups in tech. We wanted to ensure that job seekers landing on TAG’s page felt supported, understood, and heard. Another crucial element of TAG’s work is to provide employers with a more diverse candidate pool. They want to be positioned as the leading agency to connect companies with these wonderful, talented tech professionals.

TAG Home Page - Ideal Clients

Expanding On Impact

TAG’s original Job Seekers page didn’t touch upon the emotional connection and support they provide. We had to fix that because it’s a HUGE part of their messaging. Together, we worked hard on addressing pain points by painting a picture of what the job seeker persona goes through. By diving into how they feel, we framed how TAG is the perfect solution for their needs.

TAG Job Seekers Hero Section

Likewise, TAG’s previous Employers page needed to fully address the needs of companies and how they can help. We worked on putting a large emphasis on the importance of diversifying employer candidate pools with women and underrepresented tech professionals. Including two ways that TAG can address this: Recruitment + Marketing.

TAG Employers Page Hero Section

A huge part of TAG is its compassion to build and foster a supportive community. To further highlight this, we revamped the Wellness page. Now, it creates that sense of inclusion upfront and ways that TAG supports its people.

The Results

A kick ass website that hones in on Adrienne + Loreen’s brand messaging, resonates with their 2 client personas, and elevates TAG’s positioning to stand out from the competition.

Woohoo! You bet the happy dances ensued.

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