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This post is part of my Copy Like It’s Hot series where I highlight my awesome clients and serve you an inside scoop on their copy projects – hot off the press ;).

Copy Like It’s Hot – the[in]academy’s Story

Raise your hand if you think LinkedIn is boring and just to search for a new corporate job?

Wellllll believe it or not, it’s one of the BEST platforms to build your personal brand and grow your business (say whaaat?).

Salina Yeung (most commonly known as #YourLinkedInGal) is the Founder + CEO of the[in]academy. She’s an Ex-LinkedIner who quit her corporate job, moved to a brand new country, and launched her own business from the ground up! Her mission is to help entrepreneurs around the world unlock their full potential on LinkedIn and turn the platform into a revenue-generating machine for their businesses.

So many entrepreneurs out there are sleeping on LinkedIn and she’s here to shake things up and give you the tools to leverage how to make it your money-maker. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, you should sign up and follow her! She constantly puts out valuable golden nuggets to use and implement right away. Alsoooo she’s a huge advocate for women empowerment, so her content is always full of positivity and value!

Copy Like It’s Hot Details

Sales Page

Everyone is so laser-focused on Instagram to grow their brand presence, so no one is really paying attention to other platforms. Honestly, I’m guilty of this too because of my preconceived notions of how “dated” other platforms are. Salina does a great job at providing you with the information, tools, and frameworks to be successful on LinkedIn!

With her new 8-week course, she dives into every aspect and leaves no stone unturned (seriously). You get jam-packed information, templates, and live 1:1 access to her to ensure that you receive the clarity and support you need.

The LinkedIn market is full of untapped potential – and there’s no silly need for curated content (unless you enjoy that 😉 there IS a Creator Mode haha). Soooo, if you’re ready to optimize your LinkedIn and build a personal brand that converts connections into customers, check out her course!!

the[in]academy - LinkedIn Personal Branding Academy Sales Page - Hero Excerpt

LinkedIn Personal Branding Academy

As an entrepreneur, I fully understand the struggles of putting time and attention into a whole other platform – especially one where you don’t realize the benefits. That’s why I’m so excited for you to get your hands on this course because Salina literally breaks it down for you to make it easy as pie.

The Program is an 8-week course that deep dives into Salina’s proven strategies and frameworks to take LinkedIn by the horns + be successful! Whether you’re looking for another avenue for lead generation or want to build authority, this is for you to get your ass out there!

The course is a mix of pre-recorded modules dripped over time, live coaching calls with Salina to ask all your burning questions, and support from your new tribe of LPBA members (build that network)!

the[in]academy - LinkedIn Personal Branding Academy - Excerpt 2

The Results

I don’t want to give away TOO many details, but I highly encourage you to check out LPBA if you’re interested in deep diving into the world of LinkedIn. There are so many opportunities waiting for you because the algorithm is SO different from Instagram and Facebook. Since most users aren’t taking advantage of serving content daily, you can easily reach thousands of people with consistency and the right strategy.

So, if you want to turn LinkedIn into a revenue-generating machine – snag a seat!! 🤩

Ready to amplify your voice with intention + personality?
Inquire to Copy Like It’s Hot here!

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