Are You Focusing On The Wrong Details?

Are You Focusing On The Wrong Details

Details Matter In Business—But Which Ones?

Look, I get it. Everywhere you turn, there’s some guru pushing you to follow their tried + true formula, claiming “if you don’t do this, you won’t get where you want to go.”

We’re told on a daily basis that there’s a game-plan we gotta stick to if we’re serious about finding the right clients, getting fully booked out, or scaling our biz. I know firsthand how overwhelming the heaps + heaps of unsolicited advice can get, so I thought I’d set the record straight.

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The reality is, details matter + will always matter. But focusing on the wrong details can do more harm than good. Let’s break down a few of the most common details we’re told to focus on when it comes to building a successful business.

Instead of focusing on:

✵ showing up every day on social bc someone said you had to

✵ mapping out your ideal client down to the exact hair color, drink order, and daily routine

✵ throwing money at a coach who sells a framework you *must* follow bc it’s the “only” way to be successful

✵getting rid of your website bc you don’t *need* one to get leads

Let’s focus on the right things:

✨ showing up authentically when you feel called to

✨ identifying key pieces of your ideal client that matter most (basic demos + psychodemos) + running with those

✨ doing your research to find the right support from someone who is credible, who will meet you where you’re at, + identify strategies to help you get where you want to go (sorry, there’s no EXACT formula to success)

✨ having a website with your unique branding + messaging to build authority + credibility. Best part? You OWN it so if IG crashes + burns tmr, people will still have a way to find you

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to how you should run your business. Your preferences matter. Your gut feelings matter. And oftentimes, the details that are REALLY important are glossed over because no one’s willing to push back on strategies that work for some, but not for others.

If anyone tells you there’s a rulebook you HAVE to follow, they’re wrong. (Psst! Read more on that here.) Your business journey will be just as unique as you are, which is exactly how it should be.

So remember, focus on the details that matter in business! YOU get to choose when to show up on social, how specific to get when it comes to your ideal client, what’s most important in a coach, and you can say, “Actually, a website may not be necessary, but it’s really heckin’ good to have.”

P.S. if you’re looking to strategize ways to flip your focus back to the right things + nail down your brand messaging/web copy – let’s chat over a 1:1 strategy sesh.

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