6 Signs You’re Ready To Hire A Copywriter

6 Signs Youre Ready To Hire A Copywriter

“When Should I Hire A Copywriter?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, this post is for you!

Not going to lie, working with a pro costs a pretty penny. Hiring a copywriter is an investment, but a valuable one that will pay itself over + over + over again.

You know I always got your back, so I put together 6 signs that you’re ready to hire a copywriter. 🤩

If any of these signs apply to you, taking the next step to hire an expert WILL jumpstart your website, your next launch, your social media presence, and your email campaigns.

Let’s break them down!

01. You hate writing

If writing isn’t your jam, there’s a chance that it may be coming across in your current copy. If that’s coming across in your copy, it could be mistaken for a sign that you don’t know what you’re doing or that you’re not passionate about what you’re doing.

Hiring a copywriter will alleviate the concern of writing (we LOVE it) + you can focus on doing more of the things you do love. We’ll get the tone ~just right~ when it comes to communicating your products / services + the value you have to offer.

02. Your brand voice is all over the place

Having a consistent brand voice will ensure your brand messaging is on point and lead you to more sales! A clear + consistent brand voice will speak directly to your ideal client. It’ll open doors for you because it will let your audience know what your values are + what they can continue to expect from you.

Hiring a copywriter leads to a defined brand persona that is recognizable, personable, and compelling. It won’t just pull in new customers; it’ll encourage customer retention as well!

03. Conversion is low

You DIYed your copy, and unfortunately, you’re not getting bites—or not as many as you’d like. 

Hiring a copywriter elevates your copy to resonate, inspire, + convert your ideal clients. Pros know what will impress the audience you’re targeting. As copywriters, we’re trained for this. 🙂

04. Your content isn’t being seen

Is your copy falling flat? Maybe it’s not clear enough or perhaps you’re attracting the wrong clients. Maybe you struggle to string together the right words that will keep eyes on your content.

Hiring a copywriter ensures you reach the right target audience + provides clear, concise copy that connects. Flat words don’t do you justice, and you deserve copy that best showcases all that you have to offer!

05. You simply don’t have the time

You have a million things on your plate + need help. 

(seriously though, entrepreneurs GET this bc we’re doing EVERYTHING)

Hiring a copywriter takes your writing off your hands so you can focus on scaling your biz. You didn’t start down this path to worry about your writing skills. Focus on your zone of genius 😉

06. You need fresh content

Maybe you ran out of ideas or everything you write is starting to sound the same. If you’re asking yourself, “how can I keep coming up with content each month?” then that’s the green light to start your search for a new copywriter bestie.

Hiring a copywriter guarantees brand spankin’ new content that is exciting + can sell. Pour your creative energy into something other than writing. Let a copywriter do the heavy lifting instead!

If you’ve been on the fence about taking the next step for your biz, hope you found this helpful when it comes to hiring a copywriter! Any questions? You know where to find me! If you’re looking for copy with personality that JUMPS off the page, let’s chat!

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