How I Found Clarity In My Life + Business

Sometimes When Things Go Out Of Focus, That’s Where You Find Clarity

For anyone who knows me, I’m a die-hard planner. 

I love structure + certainty. I love setting goals + I love creating a plan of action to achieve them. I love doing things step-by-step because then I KNOW what’s coming next.

But on the flip side, I’m also very impulsive.

When I want something, I ~really~ want it. And when I set my mind to get what I want, I break down walls to get it done + done well. 

What can I say? Maybe it’s the Gemini in me. 😂

This past year, I’ve done TWO things that were completely spontaneous that I had no real plan for.

These two things changed my life.

✨ NYC ✈️ ATX

I moved to a new city mid-pandemic, without ever visiting before.

✨ Corporate ⏭ CEO

I quit my stable, corporate 9-5 mid-pandemic to launch my biz + become my own boss.

These two choices were exciting, scary AF, + honestly the best decisions I’ve ever made.

If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought I’d do any of those things, I’d say you’re absolutely crazy!

I always believed I’d be a corporate baby forever + for the longest time, I never imagined leaving NYC because it’s all I’ve ever known.

But here we are.

And you know what? I learned a lot about clarity during that time—things I wouldn’t have learned if I stayed in the same place + kept doing the same things.

The thing is, a plan doesn’t guarantee that everything will work out.

I’m not saying don’t prepare (I can’t betray my goal-oriented brain!), I’m just saying that planning ahead won’t save you from the bumps in the road that you’re bound to come across anyway.

A plan won’t keep the unexpected + unplanned for happenstances at bay.

And a plan won’t make you happy (even if you’re a planner like me!) IF that plan is geared to take you down a road that isn’t meant for you.

When I left the comfort of NYC + my 9-5, my eyes were opened.

I got more clarity about what I ~really~ wanted my future to look like, and it wasn’t the one I assumed was prescribed to me.

I got more clarity about what I truly enjoy doing, and it isn’t building an empire on someone else’s behalf.

Lastly, I got more clarity about the nature of life itself. Plans are awesome! Plans are reassuring, comforting, + safe. Most of the time, they keep you out of trouble and keep you laser-focused on what you have in your mind to get done.

But, sometimes it takes life NOT going according to plan to reveal answers you didn’t know you were looking for.

Because of this, I’ve accepted that plans change + spontaneity isn’t always a bad thing. Learning to pivot + adapt is how we grow. Doing new + scary things is an opportunity to learn something unexpected.

I never considered what life could be like outside of what I knew, but now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

Sometimes when things go out of focus, that’s where you find clarity.

If you’re looking for more clarity when it comes to web + sales copy, that’s right up my alley + I’d LOVE to connect with you. Whenever or if ever you’re ready to bring in a pro to get the EXACT messaging that represents you + what you have to offer, let’s chat!

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