How To Create Scroll-Stopping Posts

How To Create Scroll-Stopping Posts

Stop The Scroll With JOUHCO’s LATTE Framework ☕️

Did you know there’s a name for mindlessly scrolling on social media?

It’s called passive scrolling + it refers to scrolling on any social media platform with no goal or purpose.

Let’s be honest, we’re BOTH guilty of this because, really, who HASN’T fallen into that trap before? 🙈

With the rise of social media platforms like Insta, FB, Twitter, + TikTok, it’s hard to avoid the cycle of passive scrolling because of the heaps + heaps of content that’s thrown at us on a daily basis!

And with SO much content for users to consume, it’s easy to get lost in the background noise when you put out content for your biz on socials.

Today, I thought I’d share how I create scroll-stopping posts that catch my audience’s attention—hook, line, + sinker. 😎

This is my LATTE framework, which is a method I crafted for JOUHCO that keeps my content relevant, thought-provoking, + ✨captivating✨!

Here’s the low-down for ya!

☕️ L – Lure

First off, you’ve got to hook ’em! You hook a reader by leading with a snazzy idea that’ll make them interested in reading on.

Killer hooks that are PROVEN to be effective speak to the reader directly, can including a surprising fact or statistic, tell a compelling story, or open with a controversial topic. 💁‍♀️

The most important thing to remember is that a hook HAS to be attention-grabbing + it’s gotta be honest. (A.K.A., if you mention something in your hook, you should address it later on in your post. No clickbait here!)

☕️ A – Address

Next up, you HAVE to shine a light on your audience’s problems. This part is CRUCIAL.

As soon as you possibly can, show your audience why your post is relevant to them by addressing a problem they are most-likely experiencing. That way, they know where they fit into your post + how your post is of value to them.

Otherwise, you may miss out on making a connection with a future client entirely—which is one of the worst-case scenarios IMO!

☕️ T – Tackle

After you address a common problem that your audience is experiencing, it’s time to discuss HOW your offer will resolve it for them.

It’s best to lead with your client’s issues then introduce the unique + valuable solutions you have to offer.

The more specific, the better!!

☕️ T – Transformation

Then, it’s time to describe what life will be like AFTER they work with you + AFTER you provide the solutions they desperately need.

This is where the power of storytelling comes into play. 🤩

Some people live with the same problems so long that they don’t know what their life would look like if those problems were no longer in the picture.

If you can nail this part of your scroll-stopping post, I’d say that you made a connection + that’s a job well done right there. 🔥

☕️ E – Execute

At this point, you’ve hooked your client, addressed their problem, + painted a vivid picture of how much better life would be if they worked with you because of your expertise as a service provider + problem-solver.

The last thing to do—DON’T FORGO THIS LAST BIT—is to include a CTA or Call To Action that lets your audience know what to do next!

After taking the time to charm your reader + set the stage for your offer, the last thing you want is for your reader to digest all the info you threw at them without knowing what to do with it.

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t want to pick out the BEST present, wrap it in the BEST gift wrap, and use the BEST greeting card but forget to sign it with your name.

Always end with a CTA so that your reader knows the next step + doesn’t question what to do with your post. 😍

Social media is already saturated with entrepreneurs pushing their goods + services and your competition is only going to keep growing.

Use JOUHCO’s LATTE method to cut through the noise with scroll-stopping posts that are bound to snag your reader’s attention. 💥

If writing just isn’t your thing + you’re ready to take your social media content to the next level, book a coffee chathere! I can shoulder some of the load by creating a custom social media strategy + captions that’ll WOW so you can focus on what you’re most passionate about. 🥰

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