How To Make Your Copy More Engaging

Ready to make MORE impact with your copy?

As perfect as your DIY copy may feel (trust me, I KNOW you’re clever AF), there are always to make your words more magical, more impactful, + more engaging. 

Since I’ve always got your back, I’ve rounded up some hot copywriting tips for ya right here. 🔥

✨It’s the engaging copy, for me✨ + now we here’s how we can get even more engaging copy for you!

💥 Have a strong hook

This is probs the most important rule of writing engaging copy: have a strong hook or idea that reels in your target audience. You have to make people interested in what you got to say from the get-go! 

As we mentioned before in our post about the 3 C’s of Copywriting, the average attention span is 8 seconds long. That means your hook has 8 seconds to catch your audience’s attention hook, line, + sinker.

💥 Use more “you” language

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the hero of the story… your ideal client is! So, stop using “I” or “we” and throw in more “you”!

Make them feel specialllllll + talk directly to them 😍

I know that you want your copy to be *chef’s kiss* INCREDIBLE, but you don’t want to have the focus on you. You want to alwayssssss bring it back to them + answer WIIFM. That alone will charm the socks off your prospects.

💥 Share a personal story

Copywriting is alllll about making connections + giving a voice to YOUR story. 

I think it’s because we see ourselves in the stories we hear + I can’t name a soul that doesn’t want to be seen, heard, or understood.

And ~that’s~ why sharing a personal story makes a massive impact!

Because what’s personal tends to be very universal.

And because shared experiences + emotions can bring together SO many different kinds of people.

💥 Address a pain point with a solution

This is a big one!!

The more specific you are about the problems you solve + the solutions you offer, the better.

And this is what sets ⚡️amazing⚡️ copy apart from okay copy.

The better you can read your audience’s mind, the more your copy will connect. And if you can offer a solution no one else is even thinking of? SCORE. 👏🏽

(P.S. remember, there’s a right + wrong way to approach this. We are NOT fans of manipulation, guilt, or shame here so kiss those sleazy, icky techniques BYEEEE.)

💥 Always have a call to action

I’ve seen this time + time again.

I’ll read a piece of GREAT copy—copy that’s witty, relatable, + hella persuasive—but I’ll reach the end + be left hanging.

(What?! Whyyy?)

You don’t want to miss this step. If you do, it undermines all the hard work you already put into setting the stage for your offer!

End every piece of copy with a crystal clear call to action so your audience knows what to do with the info they just read + absorbed.

If you don’t, it’s like reading a story with a strong start, middle, but no end.

What’s the point of everything you just wrote?

What are all your words pointing to?

Finish with that!

Alright, friends. I just laid out 5 ways to make your copy more engaging so that your word magic makes more of an impact on your readers. Take whatever you think will work wonders for ya + know that I’m here to chat if you need me!

If you’re done with DIYing your copy + you’re ready to bring in the big guns, I can write magnetic copy that’ll charm your prospects, represent your brand to a T, + create the kind of impact you’ve been daydreaming of, reach out today!!! Like I said, I always got your back.

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