How To Craft An About Page

How To Craft An About Page

What You NEED To Know About Writing Your About Page

I know, I know. The About Page is one of THE trickiest parts of web copy to write + write well.

Even the most experienced copywriters will say writing their own About Page is one of the hardest things to do.

So if the pros are stumbling over it, no sweat if you find it difficult to do for yourself!

If you’re struggling to write your About Page—which tends to be the most-visited page on any website, after the home page! So getting it ✨just right✨ is crucial—then I’m here to save the day. 😉

So grab a cup of coffee, have a seat, and let me break it down for ya!

01. Lead up to your credentials

Trust me, I TOTALLY get it. You worked your ass off to achieve what you have + you take pride (rightfully so!) in what you’ve accomplished.

Also, you’re trying to impress the right leads for your biz! Of course, you’re going to want to show off everything you’ve got to offer.

But before you do, you want to set the stage.

Don’t start by listing your professional accomplishments on your About Page without warming up your audience first. Whoever is reading your About Page wants to know who you are as a person just as much as they want to know about what you’ve done.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “people buy from people.” And any copywriter that knows their stuff knows to advertise benefits instead of features.

Well, your About Page works the same way!!

Tell your audience what you care about, what your core values are, and why you do what you do BEFORE you get to your credentials.

Lead with these things and let all the wonderful things you’ve done be the cherry on top after! 🤩

02. Make it about your ideal client

While your About Page is about you, it’s ~really~ about the person reading it.

The purpose of an About Page is to build trust with your audience, and in order to build trust, your reader has GOT to see themselves in your copy.

Whoever’s reading your About Page is sizing you up + trying to see if you’re the right fit for their needs.

Be sure you’re making a good first impression by writing about what is relevant, relatable, and compelling to these guys!

Remember that attention spans are limited + you’re trying to forge a connection with your reader in a very short amount of time, so use their time wisely by only including info that will resonate with your future clients. ⚡️

03. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula

Some folks out there will tell you there are only a handful of ways to write an About Page that converts, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!!

Sure, there are frameworks that have proven to be effective but nothing is guaranteed + there’s no universal, surefire method that’ll get your reader to take the plunge.

What’s most important is that your story is being told in a way that sounds like you + connects with your audience!

If you’re speaking honestly, communicating how you serve those you work with, and you’re sharing the core values that drive your business, you’re bound to find the people you’re meant to work with!

There’s so much more ground to cover when it comes to crafting an About Page that captures your audience’s attention + represents you to a T, so if you’ve got any questions, shoot an email to hello@jouhco.com so we can chat!

And if you would rather someone do the heavy lifting for you + write website copy that has your personality *jumping* off the screen, schedule a coffee chathere so we talk about the deets! ☕️

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