Progress > Perfection

Why You Should Always Choose Progress Over Perfection

Raise your hand if you’re a perfectionist.

*shoots hand up high + waves it around*

I’m guilty.

So guilty that perfectionism has led me to:

✨ overwork + burn myself out on tasks because it ~had~ to be just right

✨ take forever to launch my biz because I kept adding ~final~ touches

✨ stop me in my tracks from pursuing passions because it wasn’t ~good~ enough

✨ write 20k words for my very first novel, but then decide to bury it in my hard drive because I wasn’t ~in love~ with the concept anymore

Over time, I learned that perfectionism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be because it’s cost me more than it’s given me. 

Living with that mindset is exhausting because it leaves everyone dissatisfied with their accomplishments + unable to celebrate their victories. The problem with perfectionism is it NEVER. STOPS. DEMANDING. MORE. 

I struggled for so long under the weight of that bad boy, and let me tell you, it was NOT pretty.

So when I finally got to the point where I was ready to (really, when I needed to) let go of my own perfectionism, I was so relieved to learn the hidden value of imperfections + flaws.

Focusing on progress > perfection gave me my life back.

Let me break it down for ya and show you what I mean. 

Imperfections teach you lessons.

You’ll learn more from messing up than from perfect strategy + implementation. You’ll learn that there’s more than one right way to do something. 

Imperfections leave room for happy accidents. 

If everything went according to your perfectly laid plan, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to stumble onto something new. You’ll rob yourself of the “aha moments” that come with unexpected discoveries. 

Imperfections make you resilient.

You know the saying: Smooth sailing never made a skilled sailor. Imperfections will teach you to bounce back + to bounce back faster.

And imperfections make you relatable.

To connect with others, you HAVE to understand + sympathize with their struggles. People want to work with those that can understand their point of view… and let’s be honest, who can relate to perfection?

There’s so much value in your imperfections + flaws because you can learn a lot from your mistakes, missteps, and oversights. It’s unavoidable anyway and the last thing you want is to get stuck pursuing a perfection that you’ll never achieve. 

If you get too hung up on the details, which is something that perfection demands, you’ll never finish what you’re working on. 

If you never finish what you’re working on, you’ll never have the opportunity to evolve.

If you keep moving forward despite whatever isn’t ~just right~, you’ll find out what works and doesn’t. You’ll learn something new + unexpected. And you’ll still be relatable.

So don’t let perfection stop you in your tracks from actually doing the damn thing. 

Progress > Perfection.

If you want to pick the brain of a pro who’s been there + done that, let’s chat over a 1:1 strategy sesh. You’ll get my undivided attention, a strategy custom-fit for your needs, + honest advice from someone who’s been where you are now. So what do you say? Is it a date?

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