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Everything you ever wanted to know about how I keep this well oiled machine running. Bc my success is yours.

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Storytelling magic brewed daily… want a cup?


Get an *exclusive* sip of Jenn’s wildly imaginative mind + some freshly ground tips to infuse some 🔥 into your messaging.

So you wanna be a copywriter?

I quit my corporate 9-5 to go back to my storytelling roots + launch this biz full time. After undergoing massive burnout that took a HUGE toll on my mental + physical health, I took a step back and reevaluated my future. My sole mission in life is impact and being completely 100% over the moon with life every single day. *enters copywriting*. This is the exact course I took to give me the foundations I needed to say goodbye to the corporate world forever.

Quick disclosure: this page contains some affiliate links. meaning, if you purchase, we get a little cha-ching. it costs nothing extra + we wouldn’t share it if we didn’t stand by it. but nonetheless, thank you in advance for supporting JOUHCO™! you’re going to love these resources 🙂

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