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It's the making your life easier part for me

Irresistible brand messaging and personality-driven copy are key to driving a personal connection. Whether you need a trusted friend to strategize with you, a done-for-you-please-take-it-off-my-plate kind of job, or you just need a little tweak… I’m here for it AND you!

Working with me is an experience that I want you to love. I personalize everything to fit you and your business. No cookie-cutter nonsense here! That’s a promise I stand by.

Everything is amazing! I definitely feel like this is a great value for my investment and I am so happy!

milla r.

On the menu:
Quick Shot
JOUHCO - Services - Doppio - Emails



If social media crashed tomorrow, would you have a solid way to reach your customers? Email marketing is the #1 thing you should have in place because it’s reliable AF + generates the most sales. Whether you need a welcome sequence, nurture sequence, sales sequence, or newsletters – build that list!


  • 30-min topic ideation + strategy session
  • Personality-driven email copy
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions

investment: $250 per email (price decreases as you bundle up)
*monthly retainers available

JOUHCO - Services - Cortado - Blog Posts


Blog Posts

Having a blog is a great way to position your biz as a go-to resource, establish authority, and build connection! Let’s spice things up and tell your story.


  • Topic ideation + strategy
  • Surface-level SEO
  • Research + discovery
  • Personality-driven content writing
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions

investment: $350 per blog post (price decreases as you bundle up)
*monthly retainers available

Coffee Break
JOUHCO - Services - Flat White - Copy Audit

Flat White

Copy Audit

This one’s for the DIYers who aren’t ready for a full copy overhaul, but want to get a sense of where they stand. Audit your website or your email sequence!


  • Full review of your copy checking for grammar, tone, flow, and UX
  • Audit document with your areas of strengths + suggestions on what needs improvement/why

investment: WEBSITES (up to 5 pgs) start at $650 + emails (up to 10) start at $300

JOUHCO - Services - Café Au Lait - 90-min 1:1 Strategy Intensive

café au lait

90-min 1:1 Strategy Intensive

Exclusive 1:1 time with me to literally pick my brain. You’ll get my undivided attention to focus on all things YOU for 90 min.  Ask burning questions about anything and everything or bounce crazy ideas off my head.


  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • Recorded session so you can be fully present
  • Recap + implementation steps

investment: $450

JOUHCO - Services - Affogato - Social Media Content Strategy + Captions


Social Media Content Strategy + Captions

Don’t have time for social media writing or just not your thang? I gotchu. We’ll craft bomb captions that rock the socks off your ideal clients.


  • Define content pillars + strategy
  • Personality-driven caption copy
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions

investment: 10 captions $350, 20 captions $550, 30 captions $750
*monthly retainers available

Fully Caffeinated
JOUHCO - Services - Double Shot Over Ice - VIP Intensive Day

Double Shot Over Ice

VIP Intensive Day

Let’s craft a mighty shot of copy that packs a bold, powerful punch and is chock-full of energizing flavor – stat.

This is perfect if you have a specific project in mind + need a quick turnaround. You’ll have a day completely dedicated to you and your needs, including uninterrupted access to me, kick-ass copy, and post-project support. 


  • Pre-project questionnaire
  • 30-min kick-off strategy session
  • Personality-driven copy + 1 round of revision
  • 30-min wrap-up session + implementation plan if applicable
  • Post-project email Q&A support for 7 days

investment: $1,497

JOUHCO - Services - Cappuccino - Sales Page


Sales page

Let’s craft a deliciously smooth cup of copy that wraps you in warmth, good vibes, and thoughtful energy. Don’t forget the dash of flavor!

This is perfect if you’re preparing to launch or revamp something BIG + need a high-converting sales page to do some intentional legwork. You want the impact of your offer to dance across the page and into the hearts of your ideal clients.


  • Client questionnaire
  • 45-min kick-off strategy session
  • Research + discovery
  • Personality-driven sales copy
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions (1 offline, 1 live on wrap-up)

investment: $1,500

JOUHCO - Services - Lavender Latte - Website Copy

Lavender Latte

Website Copy

Let’s craft a delightful cup of copy that delivers impactful notes, soothes the soul, and leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

This is perfect if you already have a strong brand identity + messaging, but feel your website lacks some much-needed magic. Together, we’ll infuse storytelling + personality to give your website copy a facelift so you can convert your dream clients into loyal fans.


  • Client questionnaire
  • 60-min kick-off strategy session
  • Research, discovery, + competitor analysis
  • Up to 4 core personality-driven website pages
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions (1 offline, 1 live on wrap-up)

investment starts at $3,000

JOUHCO - Services - Nitro Cold Brew - Brand Messaging + Website Copy

Nitro Cold Brew

Brand Messaging + Website Copy

Let’s carefully craft a wicked cup of copy that is meaningful, jam-packed with velvety personality, and smooth to the last drop.
This is perfect if you want to define your secret sauce, nail down iconic messaging, + stand out from your competitors. Together, we’ll elevate your business to have clear, consistent brand messaging + compelling copy that extends your impact tenfold.


  • Brand clarity + client questionnaire
  • 90-min kick-off strategy session
  • Research, discovery, + competitor analysis
  • Comprehensive brand messaging style guide
  • Up to 4 core personality-driven website pages
  • 2 complimentary rounds of revisions (1 offline, 1 live on wrap-up)

investment starts at $4,500

Jenn is THE one! She’s an exceptional personality-driven copywriter. She’s able to interpret what is needed and routinely surpasses expectations.

salina y.

The Process

one, two, three… magic!

Coffee Date
chill and cozy vibes

You waltz in and tell me all about you, your biz, and what you’re looking for. If we’re a match made in heaven, I’ll send you a proposal to digest and offer the option to have a first date. If you say yes, we’ll spend time getting to know each other, talk all about your goals, and zero in on how I can help you exceed them. If you’d like to skip it, we can get straight to the fun stuff.


Storytelling Magic
let's get this party started

Before we get the ball rolling, you’ll have some homework to do (I promise it’s not hard). Then, we’ll dive in with an amazing kick-off call so I can fully immerse into everything YOU. After, I’ll step into the zone and craft the heck out of a dazzling draft for you to look at. We’ll go through 2 rounds of revisions and schedule our wrap-up call for finishing touches.


Happy Dance
woohoo! It's a wrap!

We tighten up the final copy live so that you have ample opportunity to tell me how it is and we can tweak everything to perfection together. Once finalized, we’ll celebrate and bust out the crazy dance moves. I’ll send you the final version that you are head-over-heels for, along with an invoice to close out the project. We did it!


My Work




Jenn Hanft of JOUHCO on laptop by KollectiveLuv Photography


*this page may contain affiliate links. meaning, i may get a little cha-ching if you purchase through them. it costs nothing extra + i wouldn’t share it if i didn’t stand by it

JOUHCO copywriting that resonates, inspires, and converts.


As my services are on a first-come, first-serve basis there may be a waitlist depending on when you reach out about your project. I always recommend reaching out about 2-3 weeks in advance in order for me to best get to know you, your business, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Timelines are subject to change depending on scope!

Here’s a rough estimate of what’s on the menu:
Doppio: <1 week
Cortado: <1 week
Flat White: 2-3 days
Café Au Lait: 90 min
Affogato: 1-2 weeks
Double Shot Over Ice: 1 day
Cappuccino: <1 weeks
Lavender Latte: 2-3 weeks
Nitro Cold Brew: 4-5 weeks

Due to the time, research, and strategy that goes into each project – I accept a limited number of clients per month to ensure I’m fully dedicated to providing the quality attention and care to your project. I always suggest to book in advance so we have ample time to achieve your desired goals!

I absolutely adore working with multi-passionate female entrepreneurs. The ambitious, kickass CEOs that LOVE what they do, aim to impact lives for the better, open to collaborating, and trust my expertise as a partner. 

My website design is a template from Davey & Krista*. They’re amazing and offer beautiful layouts.

If you want branding and/or a website design personalized to fit you and your biz, I have the perfect recos! 

See the next Q 🥰

Visuals captivate + copy converts 🙂 While I’d truly love to be the Jenn of all trades, I’d like to leave the branding and web design work to the pros.

That said, I have a few stellar partners:

I typically offer two options:

50/50: 50% down upon signing to reserve your spot in my calendar. The remaining balance is paid when the project is complete, prior to the delivery of final hand-off files.

3-Month Payment Plan: 40% down upon signing to hold your spot in my calendar. The remaining balance is paid in milestones of 20% per month for 3 months following initial payment date. *Note: pricing is subject to change when opting for a payment plan.

For Double Shot Over Ice, I require 100% upfront to book my time in advance. More details here.

For monthly retainers, monthly payments are due upfront at the start of each month.

Ofc! I’m always open to a conversation and discovering what may best suit your needs. I understand every business is different + unique. Drop me a note at and we can find a payment plan length that works for you + your biz.

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JOUHCO copywriting that resonates, inspires, and converts.

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