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10 Day Story drip Challenge

Craft riveting emails that'll have your readers clicking "open" faster than a cat video goes viral.

In just 10 days, you’ll say goodbye to dull emails and hello to mesmerizing stories that create brand-obsessed fans eager to read every word (& buy what you’re offering).

In a digital world where every business competes for attention, your emails are *probably* getting lost in the noise…

Falling into an inbox ocean of “the sameness”—easy to overlook and forget.

It’s frustrating, right? You spend time crafting what you think is a *perfect* email or snagging a sure-fire-this-email-make-me-boatloads-of-cash template, only for it to end up unopened or deleted.

Your words, your offers, & your brand…

They deserve better than this.

Imagine if your emails were the highlight of someone’s day…

To the point where they eagerly wait to see YOUR name pop up in their inbox so they can devour your next email.

It all begins with storytelling.

But where do you start?

How do you know what stories to tell?

What if your life is too “boring” to talk about?

The truth is:

You’re sitting on a story goldmine.

You just don’t even realize it.

Stories are EVERYWHERE…

And once you tap into how to uncover them…

You’ll become unstoppable.

Story selling is simple:

You share a story that transports the reader into your world and gives them a glimpse into YOU as a person…

That builds trust and rapport…

And then they become invested in you (and anything you have to offer).

Anyone can do it.

So how do you lift the veil to see all the story-worthy moments around you?

That’s where the 10 Day Story Drip Challenge comes in.

For just $2 a day ($20 for 10 days), you’ll receive daily storytelling prompts, along with FULL examples of how to bring it to life in an email that sells. 

Your goal is to sit down, set a timer for at least 10 min, and just write whatever comes to you for the prompt. 

By doing this practice, you’ll not only develop a new writing habit and learn the art of story scoping, but you’ll also walk away with 10 ready-to-send emails.

Aaaand everything will be delivered via email so you don’t have to worry about another login. 


Jenn Jouhseik of JOUHCO shot by UUPFRONT
captured by Jackie Sterna

meet your host

Jenn Jouhseik

personality-driven copywriter & brand storyteller

If my parents had a $1 every time they caught my face buried inside a book, they’d be RIIIIIIIIIIICH.

Storytelling is hands down the most *powerful* thing you can use in business. Why? It allows you to form a connection so deep that your audience becomes hooked on… YOU.

So if you’re ready to learn how to craft emails your audience will become *obsessed* with…

Join me in the 10 Day Story Drip Challenge!


Transform your email list into a fanbase waiting for your next send!

Story-based emails your audience will be *obsessed* with? Yes, please.

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