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How to Magnetize Premium Leads with 3 Simple Pieces of Content

In this 90-min LIVE masterclass, we’ll deep dive into how to avoid the number one mistake online experts are making that is *actually* repelling premium leads so you can easily go from scroll to sold.

Fed Up With Getting Zero Clients On Social?

You're not alone.

Many online experts and entrepreneurs face this frustrating reality every single day.

You spend endless hours pouring your heart into your content and spilling your brains out in value… And for what? A few likes, the occasional “Yessss this is so true girl ❤️” support comment, and the ever-elusive promise of leads that seem to be just that—elusive.

You know you’ve got the goods. Your expertise? Killer. Your dedication? Unquestionable. Sooooo why tf does it feel like you’re shouting into the void, only to hear the echo of your own voice?

It’s because, in the vast ocean of social media, you’re fishing with the wrong bait.

It's Time To Stop Letting Quality Leads Slip Through Your Fingers.

& We're going to break down how.

There’s a single, fatal flaw that most people are making in their current strategy. It’s NOT a lack of effort or expertise… but following bad advice that’s floating around in the space.

The good news? It’s fixable. And it all comes down to forgetting everything you think you know about “what works” on social media.

When you join us LIVE on Thursday, March 14th at 2pm EST… you’ll learn:

Meet your hosts


Jenn Jouhseik of JOUHCO shot by UUPFRONT
captured by Jackie Sterna

Jenn Jouhseik

personality-driven copywriter & brand storyteller

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the “you must post 3x a day to actually grow” BS. I have and I hated it.

The moment I threw ALLLLL the fcks away and started infusing more fun and play into my content, leads flooded my inbox. 

And after helping 130+ clients amplify their voice with high-conversion storytelling, I can truly say that it is literally the most *powerful* thing you can leverage for your business. Why? It allows you to form a connection so deep that your audience becomes hooked on… YOU.

So if you’re ready to stop being the internet’s best kept secret and learn how easy it is to turn moments from your everyday life into content that your audience eaaaats up…

You’re gonna wanna grab a seat, stat!



Jessie Christensen

brand strategist & creative director

Forget everything you think you know about social media. When I stopped listening to the advice in the space and shifted my content to things I was actually excited to talk about, I tripled the number of monthly inquiries I got.

After working closely with a ton of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen firsthand how the role of an authentic, magnetic personal brand plays in breaking free from the endless feast and famine cycle of the online business world.

The truth is, you DON’T need to work harder than you already are. Stepping into the go-to expert of your industry gets to be fun and easy.

So if you’re ready to finally scale your income and push your impact to the next level with content that actually pushes the needle…

This is a masterclass you definitely don’t want to miss.


Jenn Jouhseik of JOUHCO shot by UUPFRONT

From Scroll to Sold is for you if...

Ready to ditch the content hamster wheel and uncover how to magnetize premium leads with just 3 simple pieces of content?

This is a LIVE masterclass you don’t wanna miss.

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