JOUHCO Story Selling Magic Workshop


How to extract story-worthy moments from your everyday life

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the takeaways

What You'll Learn

for moi?

Who Is This For

Story-based emails your audience will be *obsessed* with? Yes, please.


Jenn Jouhseik of JOUHCO smiling while reading a book by the poolside
captured by Jackie Sterna

meet your host

Jenn Jouhseik

personality-driven copywriter & brand storyteller

After spending  5+ years of emulating brand voice for top brands like Uniqlo, Dunkin’, Burts Bees, and Oral B, I left the digital ad agency space to pave the way for change.

I founded JOUHCO™ to magnify the stories of ambitious + multi-passionate entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide and see their impact extend tenfold.

Returning to my storytelling roots have never felt better. 


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