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How To Craft An About Page

How To Craft An About Page

I know, I know. The About Page is one of THE trickiest parts of web copy to write + write well. Even the most experienced copywriters will say writing their own About Page is one of the hardest things to do. So if the pros are stumbling over it, no sweat if you find it difficult to do for yourself! If you’re struggling to write your About Page—which tends to be the most-visited page on any website, after the home page! So getting it ✨just right✨ is crucial—then I’m here to save the day. 😉

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Website Copy Outline Doc

You’re sipping your favorite drink, walking your pup to his go-to doggie park, + email notifications for lead inquiries are rolling in — all bc your website is finally up!

My website copy outline template will give you the skeletons of a website framework so you can publish the damn thing!

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