The 3 C’s Of Copywriting

The Secret Sauce Every Piece Of Copy Should Have

Ever wondered what makes a GREAT piece of copy abso-freakin’-lutely phenomenal?

Well, I’m about to spill the tea for you!

You may already know that copywriting is an art form as much as it is a practice.

I mean think about it, what’s harder to do? Write a compelling story in 5 pages or write a compelling story in 5 sentences?

Well, bestieee, the answer to that question is the heart of copywriting. 🤩

It’s about making sure every word you use is CRUCIAL to your message.

It’s about making sure the last word you write is juicy enough to get your reader to read the next one.

It’s ALL about telling a story that creates a connection where there wasn’t one before.

Like I said, it’s an art form! And it’s time to demystify the art of writing copy that’ll have your personality, your values, + your message jumping off the page. So listen up + take notes!

Storytelling magic starts with the 3 C’s.

01. Clarity 

While we love a good story, we want to ensure that the messaging is clear.

I know it’s SO tempting to show off by writing clever copy filled with witty references + long words—after all, who doesn’t want their audience to know they’re smart?

But don’t forget that your message is what matters most! If the message is lost because of the vocab or uncommon references you use, you’ve missed the whole point. (We already talked about the importance of clarity, remember?? 😉)

Don’t make the packaging (what / how you write) so extravagant that your reader can’t find the gift (the message!) inside it.

02. Concise

We don’t like running in circles, ya? So tell it to ‘em straight with a sprinkle of pizazz.

Did you know that the average attention span lasts around 8 seconds? That means you have 8 seconds to make an impression + that NO ONE has time for a novel.

You’re a pro at what you do + I’ve got no doubt that you can write a whole dang book on the subject at hand, but keep in mind that your audience is looking for any excuse to stop reading your copy. (Who has time for a book when TikTok is screaming at ‘em to look their way instead? 🤔)

So write your copy with that in mind! Get to the point and add some spice upfront to make it fun AF to make the most of the 8 seconds you have ‘em.

03. Connection

The good stuff 👑 make your reader feel heard and understood. Nothing feels better than that warm, fuzzy “you get me” feeling.

People respond to things they can connect with + the magic of copywriting is that you can make a connection with someone you probably won’t ever meet.

Great copy takes your reader by the hand + says out loud what they were thinking in the first place. Writing in a way that promotes authentic + genuine connection is the superpower of every copywriter that knows their stuff. 👏🏽

The 3 C’s of copywriting are the foundation of my process + I hope they help you in your journey of writing copy with MAJOR impact!


If copywriting just isn’t your thing + you’re ready to chat with a pro that knows allll about creating connections with words, reach out to me today! I’d love to chat with you about creating messaging that describes your brand to a T. ⚡️

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