The 5 Essentials of Brand Messaging

The 5 Essentials of Brand Messaging

The Building Blocks of Strong Brand Messaging

I’m sure you’ve heard SO many things about brand strategy, brand messaging, + copywriting at this point.

Not to mention that you’ve probably run into several industry pros online that specialize in one or allll of the above.

If you’re just starting out + if you’ve done any amount of surface-level research, you’ll have found ~countless~ resources on these subjects… but have you thought about WHAT to prioritize when you make the leap into entrepreneurship?

Friend, don’t sweat it if you don’t know where to start. I’ve ALWAYS got your back so I’m going to break down every lil thing you need to know about brand messaging right here, right now!!

First things first, you’ve gotta know that brand messaging comes BEFORE copy! ⚡️

Before you can craft compelling copy that oozes personality + is custom-fit to YOU, you have to clarify what you stand for.

You have to clearly communicate what your brand is all about and that’s✨exactly✨ what brand messaging is!!

Brand messaging is how your brand communicates its unique value proposition (USP!), personality, and values through written, verbal, and visual messaging.

So if you’re struggling with communicating who you are + what you have to offer, never fear!!

Here are 5 beautiful ingredients that create irresistibly memorable brand messaging:

01. Purpose – your WHY

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to show up for your clients, day in + day out? What’s your brand’s mission beyond making $$$?

An easy way to answer those questions is to come up with a mission statement like this: “We exist to (fill in the blank).”

Once you nail down + can clearly communicate your WHY, the rest should follow! 😉

02. Positioning – who you serve

To move forward from here, you have to define your audience.

WHO does your brand exist to serve? What are their goals + pain points? What’s holding them back from going after what they want?

The more specific you get, the better!! 💥

Creating buyer personas that represent your ideal client will help you find alignment with your customers from the get-go.

03. Voice – your brand personality + tone

Once you nail down who you’re speaking to + who you aim to serve, you can start crafting the messaging that will connect with those specific consumers.

Your brand personality + tone is what’ll hook your ideal client and the BEST way to derive this is to tie in specific storytelling because it’ll be what is relatable + appealing to them.

Energy attracts energy, so however you want your voice to come across will guide the way you write.

04. Promise – how you solve your client’s issues

Next up is the how! Your promise is HOW you can + WILL solve your client’s problems. It’s the specific way you (and ~only~ you) can make their lives easier.

This promise is the value you bring to the table + it’s what your clients can expect when they work with ya! 🤩

Again, the more specific + personal you can get here, the better off you’ll be because it’s your opportunity to set expectations + set yourself apart from your competition.

05. Experience – what it’s like working with you

Last but defff not least is the experience you deliver when consumers engage with your brand.

This is CRITICAL because a positive brand experience cultivates deeper connections, increases customer retention, + will move you closer to getting the results you’re craving for your biz.

When it comes to the brand experience, it’s you walking the walk AFTER talking the talk, so nail this down pronto. 👏🏽⠀

Friend, once you have these 5 ingredients down, you’re golden. 🌟

Remember, brand messaging is the foundation of all other parts of your biz + it dictates the interactions you have with your audience!

So don’t skimp on these ingredients.

Make it spicy, make it memorable, + watch your biz take off!! 🔥

If you’re STILL struggling with your brand strategy + messaging, book a coffee chat with mehere! I’ll help ya nail down alllll things brand messaging + brand voice for your biz so you can focus on the things you LOVE! 😍

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