You’re Not The Hero, Your Ideal Client Is

You're Not The Hero, Your Ideal Client Is

Newsflash: You’re Not The Hero Of The Story


The biggest mistake clients make before working with me is making themselves the hero of their website copy.

It may sound counterintuitive, but doing this HURTS your chances of converting! 😭

Yes, it’s your website.

Yes, it’s your business.

Yes, you’ve got to talk about who you are + what you do to convert.

But that doesn’t mean YOU should be the main character in the story that is your web copy!!

In a previous blog post, we talked about crafting your About Page and how it’s not ~really~ about you. (Hint: It’s actually about the person reading your copy!) Your web copy as a whole should follow the same idea.

Here’s what you risk if you make yourself the hero + here’s what you gain by making your ideal client the hero. 💥

If you make yourself the hero of your website copy:

👀 Clients will bounce right off your page faster than I devour a cookie because your site doesn’t SPEAK to them.

👀 Your competition has a leg up because if clients aren’t turning to you, they’re def going elsewhere…

👀 You will LOSE $$$ + we don’t want that at ALLL!

If you make your ideal client the hero of your website copy:

🌟 Clients will feel seen, heard, + understood, which is exactly what you BOTH want!

🌟 You tap into the magic of storytelling + that’s a powerful, powerful thing. 🔥

🌟 You’ll make better first impressions + increase client loyalty because they’ll be invested (A 2-in-1!)

If you’re guilty of being the hero in your copy, no biggie! The best of us fall into this trap so I hope this helped! 😍

Remember, as Donald Miller says, your client is the hero + your role is to be the trusty GUIDE!

By making your clients the heroes of the story (your web copy) + putting yourself in the supporting role, your clients will be able to see themselves in your words + feel a connection with your brand.

Then through that connection, your clients will put themselves in the EXACT position you want them to be in, because you’ve already defined their role.

But if you make yourself the focus of your copy, your client may not know how they fit in or how they would benefit from your offerings. If that’s the case, they’ll go somewhere else + it’ll likely be because they feel more seen by the other guy.

So check + double check to make sure your website copy communicates the value you offer to your clients as they go off to slay their figurative dragons.

At the end of the day, you’re not the hero, your client is. ✨

If storytelling isn’t your thing but you want to put your best foot forward with web copy that WOWS, book a coffee chathere so we can brainstorm together. ☕️

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